Selma's Texas Barbecue


About our Food

At Selma’s Texas Barbecue we start with fresh, wholesome ingredients and we prepare them the way that Selma would – taking the necessary time to do it right.  We don’t serve fast food, but we aim to serve slowly-prepared great food quickly.  We cook all night and morning to be ready to swiftly serve you freshly prepared food throughout the day so you can get back to work, get home, or get on your way to wherever you need to be.

And we can bring the food to you when you feed 25 or more! Contact us for your catering needs.



Our meats and poultry are hand-rubbed with different dry rubs for each variety and smoked up to 14 hours with Hickory wood to provide that “low and slow” flavor and tenderness.  Sometimes we run out, but we would rather be unable to offer you a specific product than to offer you something that is of lesser quality.  Our sauces and rubs are made here with top quality ingredients including spices from all over the world.

Our catfish is farm-raised in southern ponds and is fed grain pellets so the fish has a clean, sweet flavor, unlike the river catfish or farm-raised catfish from Vietnam that is prevalent in these parts.  Our tartar sauce is mixed here fresh for a unique, quality flavor.



Our macaroni and cheese is made from scratch and is baked fresh throughout the day.  Our baked beans cook for hours before they are served, and our French fries are cut fresh every day and fried the old fashioned way in peanut oil.  Cole slaw and potato salad are mixed according to our own family recipes.  And the cook sometimes makes additional side dishes based on what’s seasonal.

All our desserts are made from scratch like in the old days.  Besides our Coca-Cola Cake and Banana Pudding and Chocolate Cookies & Cream Pudding, our dessert selection depends on whatever the cook feels like making each day.



We brew our iced tea fresh throughout the day and sweeten our Sweet Tea with real cane sugar.  We mix our lemonade fresh each day.  We proudly serve Dr. Pepper (invented in Waco, Texas in the 1880’s) and Coca-Cola products.  From time to time we offer bottled root beers and other beverages.

So, as you can see, we work hard to do things the Selma’s way, reminiscent of a by-gone era when the world moved a little slower and people took the time to do things right.

Come see the difference!





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